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For semester 2016-2017, David Pencil is directing an enrichment monthly group class as the Dolce Praise Band. This is a grand opportunity for students already enrolled for private voice, guitar, piano, or drums. It is geared to give students a better understanding of basic music theory and rhythm. How to read a lead sheet, proper use of chord progressions, and improvisation are all key elements of this class! Peer groups are beneficial for motivation, inspiration, and fun. Call 512-591-7833 to add this class to your schedule and tuition for $25. The monthly class is scheduled on the Dolce calendar for Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:15. Semester performances will include the Georgetown Christmas Stroll and Red Poppy Festival.
The Dolce Voce Ensemble, directed by Darla Bower, is scheduled monthly on Thursday evenings from 5:45-6:30. This enrichment group class is for students ages 6-10 enrolled in weekly lessons. Students will develop a a better understanding of how to perform in front of an audience while building their confidence to perform together as an ensemble. This group has performance opportunities each semester at the Georgetown Christmas Stroll and Red Poppy Festival. Students will sing using light choreography and expression as they prepare for their performances on stage.  The Bel Canto Madrigal, also directed by Darla Bower, is offered for ages 11-16 by audition. Private voice lessons are required to improve technique, confidence, and performance with an emphasis on music theory and history. A variety of classical eras will be explored with accompaniment and Acapella.  Community performances are to be scheduled each semester.
Dolce offers peer group opportunities for our private students as a varied format to their weekly private lessons. We would love for all students to experience rhythmic excitement with the djembe and other percussion instruments. The Dolce Rhythm Makers will enhance a better understanding of rhythm to give a great supplement and foundation to all other instruments. Dr. Karol Ann Badgett will combine this enrichment course with music theory in a fun and engaging format to supplement the weekly lessons providing balance to their music education. Not only do our enrichment courses provide motivation with a variation from the weekly lesson, it provides support and proven team commitment. Weekly half hour lessons do not provide ample time to cover essential music theory for success thus highly recommend participation for our elementary students. This monthly class is scheduled on Friday from 6:00-6:45 as a supplement format for Dolce students.
The Composition-Piano Ensemble is scheduled in the piano lab as a monthly class for our private students to enjoy the rhythmic excitement of a peer group. Our esteemed Dr. Karol Ann Badgett, published composer, will give students the tools they need to write their own music. The piano has traditionally been a lonely instrument but now duet and ensemble performance has proven to enhance motivation and rhythmic accuracy. Each student will be assigned different parts of the music ensemble as a piano group or multiple instruments to create an atmosphere of achievement and commitment with their music partners. Dolce will also use this opportunity to implement a better comprehension of music theory, technique, and composition with motivating levels of achievement and awards. Dr. Badgett’s recommendation is for students with experience to participate in this enrichment course.
Dolce Violin is a monthly peer group providing students with goals and opportunity for performance.  Konstantin Pavlov will be developing the format and announce classes to begin in August 2017.  Performances include the Christmas Stroll in December and the Red Poppy Festival in April.
The Dolce Folk Rock Band is gearing up to Rock Out! Join instructor Emily Lacey in an individually tailored group experience that is engaging and accessible to students of any level. This enrichment group format has had huge success with students who participated in our summer camp tours. Emily will allow students to select from current repertoire and provide instruction for creating their band. We need students experienced in piano, guitar, drum set, singing, and violin. Genre will vary with selections from folk, patriotic, rock, and Christian rock. We believe this will be a fun format to enhance music theory and rhythm by allowing participants to play and sing songs they enjoy. The band will then have the opportunity to perform at the Georgetown Christmas Stroll and Red Poppy Festival.
Check out our video page for highlights of the Enrichment Groups performing at the Christmas Stroll.
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