Dolce Voice Masterclass

The Dolce philosophy for success in music education includes a balance of curriculum as private lessons, music theory, proper technique and group opportunities for the motivation of each student. We look for creative avenues to bring students together such as a piano ensemble group and the Dolce Chamber. Not only have we found these groups to implement a better understanding of rhythmic accuracy but also provide relationship to education. We perceive the importance of notes relating to each other to create rhythmic patterns and build primary chord structure for the creation of entertaining music. It just makes sense to incorporate this idea of relationship in peer groups to give color and dimension to the private lesson format. This fall semester, Dolce is adding more group opportunities to its educating process. Voice instructors, David Pencil and Frank Linenberger direct and coordinate the “Voice Master Class” in which they work on repertoire for performance. Private lessons will be for learning the music and proper technique for singing that music. The Master Class itself will concentrate on group singing, blending, and performance with choreography and staging. The performance opportunity would involve all voice students in an individual recital performance and the group performance. The recital would truly be The Dolce Voice. The monthly Master Class tuition is $25 per student for a 45 minute rehearsal scheduled on the last Thursday of each month from 6:00-6:45. This additional class will be recommended to all voice students at Dolce.